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More of What Kids (T-ballers) Say . . .

It’s the variety and unpredictability of children that truly make it fun to coach t-ball.  In a recent game I was in the field, coaching the left side. It was another “warm” day in Texas, and some of the kids were beginning to play in the dirt, ask when the game was going to be over, and ask why doesn’t the other team hit it to the outfield.

The left-fielder suddenly turns around, points up, and yells, “look at all those birds.” Sure enough, there were a bunch of birds.  Then behind me, I hear the center-fielder (the left-fielder’s brother) say, “Hey, I bet they’re gonna attack!”

“Could I ask you to pull forward please . . .”

When driving through one of my favorite fast food restaurants, I really hate hearing the dreaded “please pull forward, and we’ll have your food right out to you.”  When I pull forward, I can usually no longer see what’s going on.  Did they forget about me? What’s so difficult about my order?  I usually order a numbered combo straight off the menu with no changes. Now, I don’t have any scientific proof to back this up, but I would venture that my order is wrong almost every time I have to pull up. If it’s wrong, I have to exit the car now, and go inside versus just letting them know at the window.

So I recommend the next time you’re asked to pull up, just respond “no thanks, that’s ok, I’m good right here,” and watch the reaction.

Drive thru sign