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More of What Kids (T-ballers) Say . . .

It’s the variety and unpredictability of children that truly make it fun to coach t-ball.  In a recent game I was in the field, coaching the left side. It was another “warm” day in Texas, and some of the kids were beginning to play in the dirt, ask when the game was going to be over, and ask why doesn’t the other team hit it to the outfield.

The left-fielder suddenly turns around, points up, and yells, “look at all those birds.” Sure enough, there were a bunch of birds.  Then behind me, I hear the center-fielder (the left-fielder’s brother) say, “Hey, I bet they’re gonna attack!”

What Kids (t-ball players) Say . . .

As many of you know, I help coach my son’s t-ball team, and I usually coach first base. As the first base coach, there are two important concepts that we need reinforce to help them as the progress into the next leagues . . .

1. Ok . . . You’re on first base.  Where do you go next?

I usually have them point to second base, and then confirm with them.  “That’s right, when the ball is hit, run to second base as fast as you can!”

2. When you get to second base, what do you do?

“That’s right … watch your third base coach for instructions.  He will either tell you to stay at second, or run to third base.”

For the most part, pretty simple and straightforward instructions . . .

During one of our recent games, I was coaching first base, and it went something like this . . .

Coach: “Ok you’re on first base, where do you go next?”
Player: [points to 2nd base]
Coach: “Right . . . run to 2nd base. When you get to 2nd base, what do you do?”
Player: [grinning] “I’m gonna pull your hair . . . no . . .no . . . I’m gonna pull your beard!”

That’s why I love coaching the kiddos!! They make me laugh everyday!

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